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Derek Kade was done with anything complicated.


But there was nothing uncomplicated in the small Florida town, where the density of the humidity was nothing compared to the web of intrigue that oppressed the night and lay in wait during the day.


Kade’s marriage was a disaster, and the cold aftermath could only be soothed by chasing oblivion with liquid burn. He lived with the losses of his first marriage by diving into the bottom of a whiskey glass, living with the guilt, anger, and shame, while constantly being swallowed by the self-loathing for getting into anything as complicated as marriage.


Meanwhile, Geoffrey Gillespie, a ruthless crime boss, was skimming along the underbelly of the city, moving through the bottom, and operating with brutal finality, all the while staying off the radar of anyone who might try to take down his deceptively powerful, and complicated empire. 


Then again, Derek was a pretty good cop.

The Thrilling Sequel to





"Edge of your seat writing with love, twists, and unexpected endings"

"It was so unexpected - from the beginning, just one twist after the other!"

"I couldn't put it down!"



Cloe Fisher is an up and coming writer who finds romance and intrigue in the worlds of crime fiction. Through exploration of themes of the human psyche, she develops her stories with the psychological precision of therapeutic discovery. With her debut novel, she has set the bar for the novels to come.

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