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Candy Cane Peppermint Soap Sugar Scrub Cubes

These are to die for!!! The best of both worlds, these deliciously scrubby soaps are filled with sugar so no more dipping into that scrub jar! Grab one of these and have at it…This is the first of my tutorials, so I hope you enjoy!

These are the proportions…

1 part glycerin soap – this is designed for commercial melt and pour soap – you may have to play with any handmade soaps to get the right proportion.

1 part oil – any oil you prefer will do

3 parts sugar – you can use white sugar or brown sugar – I mixed in some red sugar for a bit of an accent, but the sugar creates color rather than specks. To get specks swirl in some Jojoba beads as I did with the white sugar!!

* A few drops of essential oil – I used Peppermint of course!

* is optional

Melt the soap in a double boiler or a crock pot – I used a crock pot for mine (I only use it for soap, so I would suggest the same for you as well)

Pour in the oil and mix thoroughly

Pour the soap into a glass container (I use a glass measuring cup) and mix in the sugar and the additives. This may take some hands on manipulation to thoroughly mix it together!

Pour into a squarish container

Cut into cubes and ….voila!!

Cubes of delicious sugar and soap for a luxurious scrub down!!


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