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This Year with Vera

In case you hadn't noticed, I am a fan of Vera Bradley. The charming prints and sweetness of the work is always a bright part of the right outfit. For this one, I found the perfect black plaid with a nice hot pink running through to compliment the pink sweaters on booties of the woodland animals. It's an indulgence, for sure, but it's Christmas. That is one of my favorite things of this time of year - the joy of doing it just for the pleasure of the thing.

I bought the tote as seen above, but I also got the mask to do my duty as a good citizen - plus I am a creature who loves to have things that match. I also bought a travel coffee mug.

There are a number of things with this set this year. If the allover print is too much, then you might enjoy the deer on the matching plaid.

There are many reasons to love Vera, and I think this collection says everything there is to say about this season - we are back to the basics, but with just a little splash of creativity. Enjoy!



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