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Black Forest Parfait - Sugar Free!

This is just a little tip for those of you like me who are not supposed to be eating sugar. Yes, I was diagnosed with diabetes, and I’ve even had the pleasure of a week in the ICU with ketoacidosis, which is rare for type II diabetes. Therefore, I have to be very careful about sugar, which means that Christmas time can be a challenge. Stepping away from the Starbucks brownie peppermint candy pops, the habit of peppermint cocoa every night, and making a different Christmas cookie every day in December until the day of Christmas has been a challenge.

Fortunately, that does not mean we have to get up every single thing if you are like me and fighting the problem of sugar. I have found that there is such a thing as no sugar added cherry pie filling, sugar-free chocolate pudding, and sugar-free with cream! Putting these three things together makes a parfait that is just as decadent as many of the treats we have to give up at Christmas time! Okay, well, that’s a little bit of propaganda to try and convince myself that it’s just as good, but believe me it actually does taste very very rich and yummy. No, it is not a low-calorie food, but the calories are not too bad. Check your labels and you will be good to go.

To make the parfait it is pretty simple. It is just a matter of carefully layering, and it is really wonderful to you something that is clear for serving the dish. Those beautiful layers have that candy cane look, with the red and chocolate bouncing off the white.

Don’t hesitate to serve this at any holiday party, because everyone wants to be both healthy and indulgent!


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